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What this Shop is doing will have you itchin' for a Vegas Vacation! Check out my sit down with Urban Necessities! August 05 2015, 44 Comments


Check out the first article from our new columnist, Anthony Taddeo!!
He sat down with the owners of the Largest Consignment shop in the world, Jaysse Lopez and Cease Andrade and their staff to get the inside scoop on how they're bringing a refreshingly new approach to the Sneaker game. 
You won't hear of any other store in the world with a selection like theirs, or a loyalty and love of the game and Community that comes even close to theirs. 
Check out his sit down and get hip to The Urban Necessities!!!

What you should know before you read my blog posts... August 04 2015, 33 Comments

Before I start posting any articles, I wanted to talk a little about me, and what I plan to bring to the Air Legends team. As well as to the readers. You can expect to see all kinds of topics from me; spotlighting businesses, introducing names and faces(some familiar) in the sneaker scene, some short articles about whats currently trending in the world, sports, and other random topics. If we can read through HUNDREDS of comments on a thread/post on Facebook, then we can read a piece with some depth and substance every once in a while.

There will be useful information, controversy, and of course your occasional salt throwing; so don’t expect it to be one big happy blog focusing on feel good stories, because there will be a variety. I want you to experience, through my writing, what I am experiencing through others. My first post will be a bit longer than your average blog post, but it is worth your time!

Check back in with us tomorrow at 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EST for the first article!

-Anthony Taddeo