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SneakerShield Universal




The Universal is the more flexible of Sneaker Shields™, it is designed to work in almost any sneaker or shoe on the market today!

Jordan's, Lebron's, KD's, Kobe's, Dunks, Reeboks, Adidas, Vans, Puma, ANYTHING!

Slip them into your favorite Kicks and you're ready to step out freely, without worrying about Creasing your shoes and lowering their value! Worrying about that is a thing of the past with SneakerShields!

  • Available in Pre-Notched, or UnCut in case you'd like to trim your own, or if no trimming is needed for your foot!
  • We recommend a 20min. test-wear at home before wearing out. The reason, is to see if you need to make any trimming adjustments for your comfort.
  • If trimming is required, simply identify the area needing trimmed, and cut it away using a pair of scissors or cutting tool.

Sneaker Shields™ are Patent Pending and Made in America.


*If you need Signature Confirmarion, PLEASE let us know in the comments section of your order. Air Legends will not be held responsible for any order labeled as Delivered by Tracking if it is claimed missing  

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