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Apollo Power Light



Air Legends is happy to present you with the Apollo Power Light!

For those living in the City where the worry of theft may prevent you from treating your shoes outside,
For those living in areas that don't have much constant sunlight outdoors,
Or those who simply want a safe way to treat their shoes indoors -

We have the right light for you!

Why is the Apollo Light different from other Lights you may have seen?
Traditional lights have different Bulbs to accommodate Plants or Reptiles, using different Wave Lengths of light. The Apollo light uses 1 kind of Bulb, that has the highest output of Vitamin B possible! Other lights have several kinds of bulbs, but we only use the 1 kind that matters most for treating Shoes!

  • 600W Equivalent Rated OutPut
  • Dual 2in Cooling Fans 
  • Specially Designed by @RaucePowers and Professionally Assembled
  • SAFE for 24hr continuous use
  • Hardware included to hang your light!

The Apollo Power Light retails for $200 on it's own.

For the Pros or Anyone looking to make some MONEY, pick up the Deluxe Kit, including:

The Deluxe Kit can come in handy, because with the Apollo Light, you can easily pay for the whole kit by Clearing a couple friends shoes for $40-$60 which is the going ratel So just doing 4 pairs of shoes for friends and it can pay for itself!

The Deluxe Kit retails for $220, giving you an additional $100 worth of products for only $20 more!

*If you need Signature Confirmarion, PLEASE let us know in the comments section of your order. Air Legends will not be held responsible for any order labeled as Delivered by Tracking if it is claimed missing  


Check out our How To video below explaining in depth how to use the Apollo Power Light and Sole Sauce!


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