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Air Legends Ice Bags


*Cost/Purchase of 1 order/quantity of Ice Bags is in fact for a Set of 2 Bags.

Our Reusable Ice Bags are made of high grade industrial materials for the best insulation possible, keeping your shoes as cool as possible.

For those that don't know - Ice Bags are used during Sole Saucing Sessions to prevent Heat Damage!!!

When Saucing, the shoes must be in the Sun or under a UV Light of sorts, and can become very hot. When they get TOO hot, the Glue that holds the shoe together can Melt, which often leads to Sole Separations - and nobody wants that - but you need to do as long of a session as you can, so what do you do?

Give your shoes the longest and SAFEST Sauce Session you can with Air Legends Ice Bags!!!

  • 9 inch bag to fill the shoe completely
  • Completely Waterproof, no leaking or perspiration 
  • Reusable! Just rinse out and use again over and over!
  • And don't forget, you can use these for traditional purposes like Icing a sore muscle, for headaches, keep food or drink cold during transportation, or any other use for a cold pack!

Directions for Shoe Usage:

  1. After Sauce has been applied to shoe, and Seran wrap also, Insert the EMPTY Ice Bag into the shoe
  2. Use a ruler or a non-sharp tool to push the bag throughout the shoe, making sure it is straight not bunched up
  3. Insert as many ICE CUBES as you can! The more the better, just make sure you can fit the lid on!
  4. Before putting the lid on, fill the Ice Bag with COLD WATER. This water will act as both a conductor to increase the mass off Cold matter in the Bag, and also as insulation to keep all Ice cubes in as cold conditions as possible.
  5. Next, put the lid on, screw it tight but not TOO tight. Overtightening can strip the threads and lead to leaking. It just needs to be soft-hand-tight. 
  6. Make sure your lid is on properly and there are no leaks before leaving your shoes, and then you're good to go!!!

How to Ice Soles using the Sole Sauce and Apollo Power Light:

*If you need Signature Confirmarion, PLEASE let us know in the comments section of your order. Air Legends will not be held responsible for any order labeled as Delivered by Tracking if it is claimed missing

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