About Us - Air Legends



Air Legends started in 2012 as a two man operation, founded by JSwizzy and RaucePowers in Los Angeles, CA. The demand for Premium Sneaker services became too much for just 2 to handle, and more members were added to the team accordingly. Members selected to join are of the highest skill level of anyone in the industry, with plenty of accolades from Sneaker Blogs such as KicksOnFire, SneakerNews, SneakerWatch, ModernNoteriety, TheShoeGame, Trusted Kicks, Complex Magazine and many more.


  • Sole Swaps & Re-attachments - We offer the highest quality craftsmanship to our customers, ensuring every swap is as flush as possible, aligning and glueing with extreme precision not leaving glue residue or build up. We can reconstruct an entire shoe from pieces, making once useless shoes into wearable classics.

  • Sneaker Fabrication - We are one of the only Customs Makers capable of creating customs composed of multiple shoes, or hand crafted Pieces.

  • Customs - Our Customs Department is incredibly decorated with notable accomplishments, and originating some of the most popular Customs Themes such as Dirt Bred 11s, Threezy's, Yeezy 4s, White Cement 5s, Clear Sole SpaceJam 3s, Zen Yeezy2s, Air Yeezy Revelations, Georgetown 11s, and many MANY more.

  • Sole Clearing and Deoxidation - Our team uses our AirLegends SoleSauce exclusively, a blend of 15 components to deliver the highest strength treatment possible, for maximum results.

  • Restorations - Using our AirLegends Premium Cleaner, our teams skills for rehabbing Sneakers is completely unmatched. Midsole Repaints, Spot-On Color Matching, Deep Cleaning, Decreasing and more, we have every trick in the book mastered to make sure your shoes look as close to DeadStock as possible.

  • Products

  • AirLegends Sole Sauce - A custom blend composed of 15 components for the highest strength possible, our SoleSauce is the strongest Sauce on the market for Clearing your Yellowed/Fogged translucent sole, aswell as deoxidizing Rubber midsoles and pieces.

  • AirLegends Premium Cleaner - Our Sneaker Cleaner is made of 100% natural ingredients, and has the proven reputation of Safest Cleaner on the Market. It is capable of Cleaning any kind of material used for shoes, and many more surfaces such as Hats/Snapbacks, Auto Interior, and more.