ShaunClodVanDam - Air Legends

Located in LA, Shaun (@ShaunClodVanDam) is one of the most well rounded members of Air Legends.

With a strong dedication to attaining Original Standards, you can be sure whatever shoe you send to Shaun is going to come back looking fresh from the factory! No color is unmatchable, not Sole too Yellowed - Shaun has the patience and skills, and is not afraid to use them to pay the bills. Shaun is also a master of Patent Leather repair and customization, as he has originated som of the most popular Jordan 11 customs, amongst his other custom work. If you want by the book, no-nonsense repairs, you've found your guy!

Shaun currently performs the following work:

  • Midsole Repainting
  • General Painting/Repair
  • Reattachments
  • Vintage Sneaker Restoration
  • Customs
  • Sole Clearing (Subject to Availability)
  • Deoxidizing
  • Decreasing
  • Suede Dying (Depending on Color)

ShaunClodVanDam is currently UNAVAILABLE for Orders. Please check back for availability.

Below are examples of Shaun's work: