Tragik1993 - Air Legends

Located in the Bay Area, Terrell (@Tragik1993) is one of the originators of Sneaker Customs as we know them.

Unlike most Sneaker Artists, Tragik has been in this game making his custom sneakers known for over a Decade! Many of todays Artists also tend to only do the same 1 or 2 styles of Jordans - but not Tragik! He does customs on ALL makes and model of sneaker, boot, heels - if it goes on your feet, Tragik will lace it with the crispest images, of the most beautiful artwork you can think up!

If you need your shoes repaired to the highest specifications, you want to represent your team, memorialize an event, anything you want on your shoe - Tragik1993 is the man for the job!

Tragik1993 currently performs the following work:

  • Midsole Repainting
  • General Painting/Repair
  • Reattachments
  • Vintage Sneaker Restoration
  • Customs
  • Sole Clearing (Subject to Availability)
  • Deoxidizing
  • Decreasing
  • Suede Dying (Depending on Color)

Tragik1993 is currently UNAVAILABLE for Orders. Please check back for availability.

Below are examples of Tragik's work: