Air Legends

Look no further...

You've found the best in the business, Air Legends...  

We are the ONLY Sneaker Care Product supplier/manufacturer with ACTUAL background in Sneaker Care!

Air Legends began Years ago as a Sneaker Restorations group, caring for the Rarest, most Expensive sneakers on the planet. After countless customers approaching us with their shoes having been damaged by the other Popular Cleaners - we decided to formulate our own cleaner, one that was SAFE for your shoes!

We are the ONLY Sneaker Cleaner on the market that has DOZENS of videos, showing our Products being used First Hand on the rarest sneakers you can find! No other product does that! Only Air Legends is confident and WORKS well enough to be able to display such strength and yet still be gentle on the worlds finest fabrics.

Over 100,000 Customers can't be wrong... we are the BEST!

For Restoration & Custom inquiries, please send an email with a detailed description and pictures to the specific member you'd like to work with. You can find each members contact info on their Instagram Profile.

Thanks for all of your support! - The Air Legends Team

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