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Welcome to the Home of the #1 Most Trusted Premium Cleaner for Sneakers and Apparel!!!

You've found the best in the business, Air Legends...  

Specially formulated for fine fabrics, no other Premium Cleaner on the market is as safe or effective as Air Legends Premium Cleaner. 

Air Legends began Years ago as a Sneaker Restorations group, caring for the Rarest, most Expensive sneakers on the planet. After countless customers approaching us with their shoes having been damaged by the other Popular Cleaners - we decided to formulate our own cleaner, one that was SAFE for your shoes!

Our Cleaner is ideal for use with:

  • Dyed/Colored Suede
  • Dyed/Colored Nubuck
  • Premium Leather
  • Mesh Materials
  • Fly-Knit Materials and other Knit Materials
  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Patent Leather
  • and MORE! 

Aside from our Premium Cleaner, we offer the ground breaking product known as Sole Sauce!!

Often imitated by competitors, no one but Air Legends offers the strength of our Professionally Balanced and Concentrated formula! 

  • Have Clear Soles that have become Yellow? SAUCE'EM!
  • Have Plastic/Rubber pieces on your shoes that have Yellowed? SAUCE'EM!

Paired with our Apollo Power Light, you can clear some Soles in as little as ONE Session!

  • 600W Equivalent Rated OutPut
  • Dual 2in Cooling Fans
  • Specially Designed by @RaucePowers and Professionally Assembled
  • SAFE for 24hr continuous use
  • Hardware included to hang your light!

For Restoration & Custom inquiries, please send an email with a detailed description and pictures to the specific member you'd like to work with. You can find each members contact info on their Instagram Profile.

Thanks for all of your support! - The Air Legends Team

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